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^ Black Curve paper Perf  30x30 Acrylic, paper on canvas

^ Red Curtain  24x29 Acrylic, paper, on corrugated

^ Locomotive  45x30 Acrylic on canvas / Currently available at

^ Red Run Rhombus  48x59 Acrylic on canvas

^ Blue Gateways  54x34 Acrylic on canvas
Robbie Kemper Blizzard Nebula 55x37.5x1.5 a.JPG

^ Blizzard Nebula  57x37 Acrylic on canvas

^ Magenta Spackle  30x30 Acrylic and spackle on canvas

Robbie Kemper Gray Runs With Black Whites 5448 1.5  a copy.JPG

^ Gray Runs with Black  54x48 Acrylic on canvas

Robbie Kemper Black Bends Gray and Ochre 3040.JPG

^ Black Bends Gray & Ochre 30x40 Acrylic on canvas

^ Black Shapes on Bends 42x54 Acrylic on canvas / Currently available at

^ Fade to Whites 30x30 Acrylic on canvas

^ Black Geometric 58x42 Acrylic on canvas

^ Yellow Blues Black 36x56 Acrylic on canvas

^ Blue Stripe Orange 24x18 Acrylic on canvas / Currently available at

^ Orange & Black Circles 20x29 Acrylic on canvas

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