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My interest in art has been lifelong. I'm fortunate that I can live out my other

self in the comfort of my painting and art studio. Some days I suit up and work with advertising and marketing clients, or put on comfy shoes and head to the classroom. Others days I'm in my paint splattered clothes working on a fresh canvas or three, trying my best not to drip paint on my computers, equipment
and assorted technology.

Design, Advertising and Teaching:

I graduated from the University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning (DAAP) back when rapidographs and french curves were the tools of the trade. I bring this up because I appreciate the craft, fit and finish of any bit of design, art direction and copy I see or hear - created by hand, or digitally.


I'm fortunate. I've returned to UC/DAAP and UCBA where I teach Aesthetics, Typography, Design Research and Photography. 


Bringing these real world experiences and design fundamentals to the classroom helps me connect with students in theory and practice. 


I started my career at an art studio. Then I moved to an ad agency, where I designed ads, learned about strategy and concept, and best of all – experienced television, radio and print at a very design-savvy ad shop. Well, that was that. I’ve been in advertising since then, thriving from the magic of great ideas that come to life based on amazing and insightful strategies. 


I cut my teeth on retails ads. You know the ones back in the day when banks gave away toasters when you opened an account? Yeah, those. And carpet stores, car dealers, realtors, shoe stores, pizza parlors and furniture stores. Connections and networking introduced me to great friends and clients in B2B manufacturing as well as healthcare and more retail. A bit of karma allowed me to create ads for The Cincinnati Art Museum, a favorite place that I’ve been visiting since I was five.


I’ve worked a lot in the midwest. But have also handled clients in Palm Beach, Los Angeles (actually Pacoima, an hour from LAX, but somehow Pacoima doesn’t sound as hip, but they were a very hip client), Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Joplin, Richmond, St. Louis, Bloomington and Knoxville.


I’ve had a hand in creating advertising and brand-related work for clients in the following industries: healthcare, material handling and conveyors, IT, publishing, insurance, packaging, printing, water pumps, coins and gaming, the arts,

broadcasting and cable programming, local and state-level politics, magnetics, jewelry, pizza, ice cream, trucking and logistics, health and human services, BBQ-ribs and law. So as you can see, I’ve specialized. 


Specifically: Freeman Health, Intelligrated, Freeman-Schwabe, HGTV, Pizza Hut, Cincinnati Art Museum, Contemporary Arts Center, Genesis Healthcare, Protective Life Insurance, Southern Ohio Medical Center, Osborne Coinage, Doran Manufacturing, Ensemble Theatre, LexisNexis,, Little Giant Pump Company, Playhouse in the Park, Kretschmar Deli, Hillrom, WestShell Realty, Flynn & Company, ColdwellBanker, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Associated Bankcorp, Scripps, WCPO-TV, WWEZ radio, Phoenix International, SDI Consulting, Columbus Museum of Art,, Boys Hope Girls Hope, Graeter’s Ice Cream, University of Richmond Center for the Arts, Kane Magnetics, TyTek, Bloomington Hospital, Versa Conveyor, Michelman Coatings, Children’s Museum of Cincinnati, Glenn and Krombholz Jewelers. 


You’ll note a wide variety of clients and markets served. So, you may be wondering – what’s the connection between art museums, B2B industrial manufacturing and healthcare? In fact, I’ve had prospective clients ask me the same thing. How can a guy be good at a campaign for heart services, the arts and B2B? Here’s the short answer. The common thread is people. Or more precisely, the art of understanding people and their emotional needs to feel connected. Whether my clients’ customers are heart patients, engineers or pizza lovers – they are all driven by their emotions. 


I've had the opportunity to attend and present at International Conferences on Emotional Intelligence (ICEI) and draw from my interest to benefit clients. I've helped hospitals improve Press Ganey scores from the 37th to 99th percentiles; been on the ground (or shop) floor of B2B manufacturing start-ups and helped them grow from zero to $1 Billion; my consumer research and client insights
set the creative path for a fundraising effort that raised $45 million for a
hospital Foundation. 


I'm an expert at the creative and craft of testimonial advertising. These ads in a variety of media, are emotional in their tone and intelligent in their human delivery and connectedness. 


In 40+ years in the creative, advertising and design world I've designed logos, brands, trade show booths, advertising campaigns and written, produced and directed television, radio, outdoor, print, web, digital multi- media campaigns. 


More information is available, just ask. 

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